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New look plans for £90m Macclesfield regen

Revised plans have been submitted for the proposed £90m regeneration of Macclesfield town centre.

The proposals were initially submitted in March 2012 and have since been modified in line with responses to a public consultation.

The project will include a new department store, 19 shops, a cinema and restaurants as well as a 718-space cark and public open space known as Mulberry Square.

The 200,000 sq ft scheme has been adapted by the developers Wilson Bowden to include a reduction in height of the Cineworld building of between 1.7m and 5.2m to enable views of Christ Church Clock Tower.

The fascia of Debenhams, the scheme's anchor retailer, has also been reduced in height by 2.5m.

Plans also now include more green spaces and a more detailed articulation of pedestrian routes, seated areas and sensitively lit spaces.


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